Reverse Plank Video

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Here is a great video demonstrating reverse plank.


Introductory Video to Planking

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Here is great introductory video to planking.

Plank Exercise Introduction

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A plank exercise, a mature brother of planking, is a well-known physical exercise useful to reinforce ab physique surrounding the core, mainly directed at the obliques and abdomen. Known as “planking” mainly because its members look like boards of lumber, this specific activity is actually a good way to enhance the abs and lumbar back muscles. In no way to be utilized instead of regular calisthenic exercises, planking is somewhat intended to tied in with different kinds of weight training. A vast group could easily follow and take advantage of a plank core exercise. People who are utilizing planking should blend them along with alternative sorts of core muscle training routines to improve abdominal area power and lean muscle depiction.

There are various planking variants, the most frequent being common planking, lateral planking and inverted planking. In your traditional planking exercise, also called the front side planking exercise, you retain the shape of a press-up, but using ones forearms and elbows in contact with the floor in place of the hands. The purpose of a planking routine is to keep the precise posture for a specified stretch of time. By using a standard planking pose, sustaining this posture only a few minutes or so will rapidly assist in strengthening the ab muscles and lower back.

Calisthenic Mountain Climber Exercise

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Here is a great video demonstrating Calisthenic Mountain Climber Exercise.

Welcome to Plank Exercise Variations

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We are very excited to be writing on all the various plank exercises.  So check back shortly, we’ll take off the training wheels and post some great articles for you to read and interact with.

Welcome to Plank Exercise Variations!